Wendy Law on Her Online Cello Course to Be Released in 2022

Wendy Law talks to Cello Magazine about her day-to-day life, as well as the project she will be launching in 2022: an online course.
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Wendy Law online cello course

Can you give us a day in your life scenario? How would you describe your day to day life?

I wake up, brush my teeth and meditate. I do a little bit of journaling to set my intentions. I also write in a gratitude journal. I don’t always like to call it a to-do list because that makes me stressed out. That’s why I call it my intentions for the day. I write out a list of things I want to manifest and attract into my life. At the moment, I’ve been playing several gigs on cruise ships, so I’ve been learning those pieces. There is a mixed bag of repertoire, including jazz, classical and pop. I’m working with an arranger and am trying to take styles like reggae or jazz and put a classical cello spin on it. So, I’m always talking to my arranger, creating graphics and things like that. I might be producing a video and going through footage or editing. So once I do most of that, I practice more and work out. Then, I make lunch. I usually teach in the afternoon. Once that is finished, I go biking. After that, I watch TV and relax. It’s different everyday, though, depending on what I’m doing and where I’m playing. It really depends on the performance opportunities that arise.

What else have you been working on? Any upcoming projects?

It’s not official yet, but I have created a digital course that will hopefully be ready in 2022. This course is for cellists at the intermediate level and above. I’ve noticed that many of my audience members are up and coming cellists themselves. Some are adult beginners who just love the cello. Some are retired and still love to learn. Some are kids who are in college. I’ve gotten to know some of them and have learned that one thing that is difficult for cellists of any age is to learn how to play without tension or pain. It’s something that I had to keep in balance. Even as I’m talking, I’m thinking, “release the shoulders”. That’s what this course will be about; how to play with freedom of expression without tension. So, stay tuned. That will be on my website.

Instagram: @cellistwendylaw

Full Interview: “It’s Good to Show People That I’m Not Perfect and That I’m Still Learning and Growing. That’s What Music Should Be About”

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