jan vogler

Jan Vogler

We are proud to announce Cello Magazine's Featured Artist for March: Jan Vogler.
jo cole cello advice

Jo Cole’s Advice for Cello Students

Here is some advice for cello students coming from one of the most suitable people: Jo Cole (Head of Strings at the Royal Academy of Music in London).
alban gerhardt patreon

Alban Gerhardt on his Patreon

Alban Gerhardt talks about how the idea of creating a Patreon site came about as a new opportunity for musicians in our time.
alban gerhardt cello

Alban Gerhardt

We are thrilled to introduce Cello Magazine's Artist of the Month for October: Alban Gerhardt.
natalie haas syzygy

Natalie Haas — “Syzygy” (Culburnie)

In Cello Magazine, we talked to Natalie Haas about the new album she has just released with Alasdair Fraser — "Syzygy." Listen to it here.
The Cello Sherpa Podcast

Joel Dallow — The Cello Sherpa Podcast

Joel Dallow started The Cello Sherpa Podcast, whose goal is to provide information that generally people have to pay for. Guests are experts in the field, and they are generously sharing their experiences and helping the next generation of musicians navigate our challenging profession.
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