Cello there! ??

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Eriona Jaupi

Hi! I’m Eriona Jaupi, I’m a cello teacher, and this is my first blog post here! So exciting, I know, DO contain your enthusiasm.

I wanted to start the first blog post with something useful in the cello classroom, but on second thought, I figured might as well tell you a bit about myself first! That may be helpful in understanding where all the cello blabbing comes from ?

I grew up in a musical family; my Dad was my first cello teacher and my Mom my first piano teacher. Needless to say, if I ever played a wrong note in the house, they KNEW! I wouldn’t say I was the most musically talented kid growing up, and I avoided practicing with every excuse under the sun, but I loved playing music…so basically, I was a normal kid. I especially loved playing cello in orchestra with other kids.

I did most of my cello training in Chicago, and my teacher was tough; she kicked me out of my lesson once because my scales were not perfect. To be fair, she had been asking me to practice them for months…but I learned my lesson because ever since then, I gained a huge amount of respect for technique. This is something I especially try to teach my students now.

After many college years, concerts, recitals, gigs, and weddings playing the most annoying eight notes in the world that every bride wants to hear apparently ? haha, I decided that TEACHING was what I wanted to do simply because I’m good at it. I love teaching children cello as well as piano because those two kind of go hand in hand in the beginning years. I have an Accord Cello case, hybrid black, I think it’s called, and a really old German cello with a flaming back. They are my two most prized possessions after my kid and my Sailor Moon clock collection…

I’ll try to post often here about cello technique, playing, teaching, performing, and more, and I hope you finding helpful! Oh yeah, I’m also the biggest fan of Jacqueline du Pré. And pastries, I love pastries.

Till next time,

Torontocellogirl ❤️

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